Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got

This week's Inspiration Monday is Jennifer Lopez.  She's not my favorite, I'll admit to that, but I was willing to work with the outfit she's wearing here.

I don't have a sassy sparkly skirt like she has, nor do I have gorgeous long legs like that either, so I decided to go more for the color scheme than the actual look itself.

These khaki pants are fun because they have some sparkle and sequin details.  I have had these pants for a number of years though and I'm finding the fit isn't quite as nice as it once was.  These may be on their way out.

Gave me an excuse to wear this lovely statement piece of a necklace from Stella and Dot again, I haven't pulled it out for awhile now.  And I may have picked up this sweater for myself while I was out finishing Christmas shopping this weekend.  It is thrifted though, so I don't feel *too* bad about it!  And it has a little sparkle in it which will be fun for the holiday season/winter season!  Every girl needs a little sparkle in her wardrobe.

I could go back and do Neutrals Week again with this outfit!  Speaking of which, for a wrap of Neutrals Week, check out this post from Casual Chic Kiki.  I chose my cognac outfit from that week as my favorite.

I only work four days this week and then I have Friday and the whole week after Christmas off from work.  I have too much vacation time saved up - my company is quite generous in that aspect - and so I have to do something with it!  What a problem to have, huh?  The Pants Monkey doesn't get as much time as I do each year, so I tend to not use my time as much because it's not like we're traveling much anyway.

Anyway, that's my story today.  Here's to a short week!  Visit the fine gals at Two Birds for more Inspiration Monday blogger posts!

T-shirt - Express, Thrifted from Plato's Closet
Sweater - LOFT, thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Pants - American Eagle Outfitters (old)
Shoes - DSW (old)
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Stella and Dot


  1. That sparkly cardigan is fun, and I like the way you mixed things up and wore sparkly pants.

  2. i think these pants look great on you! i love the sparkly details throughout the outfit!


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