Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oy vey, what a day

Story time!  This will be a wordier post than some!

So yesterday afternoon I was doing a quick check in on my blog and my "frequently read" blog list on the side of the page here to see if anyone had posted anything new.  I had my email open as well as I usually keep it up all day at work because I'm naughty like that.  All of a sudden, my blog like disappeared, I went to click on a page and it came up saying "This blog has been removed by the author" - Say What??  I am the author!!  Then my email freaked out and kicked me out and when I tried clicking on my Google + page it said "this account has been disabled."  Now I'm FREAKING OUT.

I put out a desperate inquiry on Twitter asking if anyone else was experiencing this problem and learned that Megan of Megan Mae Daily also was having some problems - I had just commented on her blog too, so it seems like a coincidence.  Anyway, she told me she was able to get a verification code sent to her phone that allowed her to get back in, so after I submitted two tickets to Google help, I simply tried to log in to my account and was given the same option - a code sent to my phone.  After that, I was back in.  I have still not heard from Google at all.  

It was really horrible to imagine losing all the mail I have archived on Gmail - that is one of the reasons I use Gmail, I can save as much as I want!  And it made me sad to think of losing this blog and having to start over, after I have made some connections with many of you!  I'm thankful to have my things back, but I am going to look into some changes.  Possibly going to take the blog to Wordpress, but I'll make sure to let you all know when/if that happens.  Stay tuned! For now, I'm happy to be back here!

Whew, so now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about my outfit today!  Cause that's really why you come to my blog, for the clothes, not for my Google/Email/Blogger drama!

I'm wearing my favorite plaid pants today - inspiration struck me on Sunday, I saw them in my closet and also my new favorite blazer from F21 and I thought - hey, I bet I could put these together and they'd be cute!  And they are!

I love how comfy these pants are while still being dressy enough for work.  They are just one of my favorite finds ever.  And they can totally be dressed down too if I needed them to be, but I like to wear them to work when I can!

Also, while I miss the snow and wish we'd have a white Christmas, I was kind of excited to pull out my clogs today, I wouldn't be wearing them if it was slippery outside, but since it's not, I decided to wear them.  Overall, I like my outfit quite a bit today!

T-shirt - Old Navy
Blazer - F21
Pants - No Boundaries, thrifted 
Necklace - jerseymaids via Etsy
Clogs - Sonoma, Kohls


  1. Fantastic trousers and jacket. I love the non-matchy suit. I'm glad you got your blog back. I think it was a hiccup in google's servers. Unfortunately, I think the possibility of losing your site/info/etc is just the risk of using any site. Because most the big ones go kaput with little apology.

    I'm hoping to pay for my own webspace one of these days, but I am paying for my domain through google. So I was pretty goshdarned upset. Anyway hopefully it's sorted for now. Thanks for the comments, keep in touch via twitter!

  2. I like the plaid pants. I am totally okay with a brown Christmas, since I don't like snow.

  3. I love this outfit on you. Those pants are really cute! And the fitted blazer looks perfect with them. Oh, and so scary about thinking you lost your email and blog. That would be horrible! I am glad you got it all figured out.


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