Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dreaming of a white(brown) Christmas

It snowed yesterday!  For about five minutes.  And it's pretty much already gone.  Brown Christmas for us!  I actually don't mind that much because I hate shoveling and cleaning off my car.  But I do like the pretty light fluffy sparkly snow we get sometimes and wish we had just a little coating of that.  Oh well.  They say only 7 out of every 10 Christmases we have a true White Christmas here in MN, so this is just one of those weird years!

Searching for snow

Yesterday was one of *those* days.  You know those kind of days where every time you turn around something else is going wrong or there is more bad news or something?  But when I looked out my window yesterday afternoon and saw that snow, all of the unpleasantness didn't matter.  And today?  Today is a new day and it's a good day!  It's also my Friday as I've been talking about all week.  I can't help it, I'm pretty excited.

Quite a gray toned outfit today, but I love it.  The Pants Monkey said I looked pretty too. I figure it's good when the hubby gives his stamp of approval!  I made this outfit super comfy today by wearing leggings under my skirt instead of tights.  Best. Idea. Ever.  And I'm loving my new boots from Target, second time wearing them so far and they are already the best purchase I've made in quite some time!

Gave it a little glam with my favorite chains from Stella and Dot!  Again, I love how jewelry can really make an outfit pop!

I may be on a long break from work for the next week and few days, but I will still be blogging periodically as I'm not going anywhere or doing anything super special!  I'll be sharing my Christmas outfits and discussing my hopes for 2012 as I have some fun ideas to bring to the blog!  

Sweater - Decree, JCPenney (old)
Skirt - LOFT, thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Leggings - Target
Boots - Target
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Charming Charlie


  1. i love the gray on gray, especially those great boots! so nice to find another minnesota blogger! :)

  2. I love that skirt and sweater!! Super cute outfit today :)

  3. Love the grey gradient and the full skirt! Two of my favorite things right now. Leggings as tights is always a good idea with tall boots. Almost all of my tights are the same weight as leggings because they are warmer.


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