Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Opposites Day

When I was in elementary school, some of the obnoxious boys in my class made up a game called "opposites day."  So for example, they'd say to you "hey I like you" and you'd go "Really?" while swooning as much as you can at age 9 and then they crush you by going "nope, it's opposites day!"  Ah, youth.

Anyway, it's Inspiration Monday and I went for kind of an opposite color on top and bottom as our inspiration model here:

This young lady's name is Leven Ramblin, and I had to do some Googling to find out she's been on All My Children and she'll be in the Hunger Games movie that is coming out in March - I'm quite excited about it actually.  

I have no colored pants but oh do I wish I did!  Since I don't, I decided to do this outfit backwards and go pink on top and gray on the bottom.

And you can see I'm still living in my headcold haze.  I'm starting to come out of it slowwwwwwly.  Anyway,  it's damp and gray here today so I thought I would go for a sweater, because I always seem to end up colder in damp weather than actual cold weather.

So I kept the color scheme from this week's inspiration anyway!  Gave me an excuse to wear the necklace I got with part of my Maurices's gift card from Casual Chic Kiki!

Today's rundown:
Shirt - Axcess by Clairborne, thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Sweater - Old Navy - thrifted
Pants - Worthington, JCPenney
Necklace - Maurices
Shoes - handed down from mom

For more Inspiration Monday outfits or to add your own, visit the lovely gals over at Two Birds.


  1. i like the switch up! and those boys were jerks...(i mean, they were nice...opposite day!) ps. if you are the same size pants as me, you can have my pink cords. i never wear them and am trying to clean out the closets a bit!

  2. Great look! Love how you switched up the color.

  3. Great switch- I really like that jumper! Tis pretty! A very clever interpretation of this! I'm not so good at thinking of original ideas like that!

  4. I like the pink sweater. Kids did that in my elementary school too.

  5. Pink and gray are so pretty paired together. Your printed top looks great with the pink sweater :)

  6. Aren't head colds just the worst? You look so pretty though-I love the pastel colours and how you made the look your own!

  7. I remember opposite day! It was never a very fun day. and I really like this look. The sweater looks so cozy!


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