Friday, December 9, 2011

Neutral Challenge Day 5 - Navy

So unfortunately my nasty cold turned into more of a virus, so I'm home on a sick day. It came on yesterday afternoon and I came home early to shiver under blankets on my couch and fight the fever away.  Fortunately, it's gone now, but I'm still home taking it easy.

I'm bummed though because I had a cute outfit picked out for today's Neutral color of Navy.  So, I decided, even if I'm not wearing it, I could still share it with you all!

I was so excited to wear this jean skirt with leggings, I was going to wear cute bunched up socks and little boots.  It was going to be a fun casual Friday outfit and I will hopefully get to wear it another time!  It's funny, I thought Navy was going to be difficult, but really, because of jeans, it is quite easy!

See I'm even wearing Navy for my sick clothes!

True fashion blogger to the end I guess!  I stick with my challenge no matter what!

Rundown of what I wanted to wear:
T-shirt -
Skirt - LOFT thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Sweater - Lands End
Leggings - Xhilaration, Target
Purse - Coach, purchased via Ebay

Sick clothes:
Shirt - Old Navy
Bear pj bottoms - Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters


  1. you're such a trooper! that outfit will look lovely on you once you are up to wearing it! feel better soon!

  2. Your original outfit was really cute, but I really got a kick out of your "actual" outfit. Lol! But seriously, I do hope you're feeling better soon. It seems to be a rough time for everyone being under the weather lately. Take care.


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