Monday, December 26, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Twas the day after Christmas

So it's the day after Christmas and I will say one thing, I'm not wearing my Inspiration Monday outfit today.  I did however wear something close though for my Christmas outfit yesterday, so that is what I'm posting with today.

Our inspiration is Ashley Tisdale, who I think is one of the Disney Channel stars?  Man I feel so out of the loop!!  We don't have cable anymore so I have a hard time keeping track!  Anyway, here is her picture.  I love her red shoes, I don't have anything quite like that in my closet!

And here is my take on the outfit.  Worn to church and dinner at my aunt's house yesterday.  We had a really nice Christmas - how about all of you?

I might not have fun shoes, but I do have cute new tights!  Got these on a last minute shopping run to get a present for the Pants Monkey's grandmother.  Aren't they cute?  Who doesn't love argyle?

There's Taylor the photo bombing kitty again.  She makes me laugh. 

All righty, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day since today is the only day this week the Pants Monkey is home with me! For more Inspiration Monday outfits, check out the lovely ladies at Two Birds.

Shirt - F21
Skirt - Thrifted via Unique Thrift Store
Tights - Apt 21, Kohls
Shoes - Payless


  1. Your outfit looks much more comfortable than Ashley Tisdale's! I'm sure her booties are killing her -- although they are super cute.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Love the new tights and I couldnt live without cable :)
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  3. i love the stripes and argyle together! happy holidays!!

  4. How cute are those tights! I have cable and am out of the loop. ;D Better things to do!


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