Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teacher, teacher

I feel very "teacher like" in my outfit today!  I think that is because there was a teacher in my elementary school who wore skirts every single day.  She also had "skirt suits" with a skirt and blazer and would often wear them with bow-ties.  I never had her as a teacher, but my mom worked in her classroom for years.  She was quite notorious in our school until she retired. Funny story, my mom met her for lunch after she had retired and was shocked to see her wearing jeans!

So I think my outfit is at least a little more hip that what that teacher used to wear, but it's still giving the teacher vibe just a bit, don't you think?

In all due honesty, I have a great deal of respect for teachers.  I have some friends who are teachers and I give them major kudos.  I could never do it, I am just not patient enough!

It's unseasonably warm here right now and all the snow has melted which makes me sad.  Time to starting singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!"  Oh well, it's still damp, so the warm sweater and warm wool skirt is still nice.

Also, I still am learning how this will be useful to my blog, but I have linked my blog up with Google + today.  I understand that the "Friend Connect" feature is going away in March, so I am using any and all venues I can think of to help stay connected with all of you.  So, this is a learning experience for me, but I'll give it a try!  If you are a blogger and are on Google +, let's hook up!

Sweater - Charter Club, Macy's
T-Shirt - Decree, JCPenney
Skirt - Charter Club, Macy's
Shoes - SO, Kohls
Necklace - Charming Charlie


  1. you look like a cute teacher, I like the plaid skirt and the cozy cardi. My mommy was a teacher too. So was my daddy and grandparents and aunts, I probably also dress like a teacher sometimes.


  2. I completely agree! You look the teacher part today. The skirt is adorable - love it!

  3. I like the skirt! I have to figure out how to link my blog to google+.

  4. I love that sweater. It looks so cozy!

  5. Sweet grey sweater. I like the print of the skirt, but I think it would look nice if it were hemmed up a bit. I think the length is what makes it a bit teacher-y. I think that skirt would make an excellent midi length skirt, and would be fairly cheap to have hemmed.

    I added you to google+

  6. I love that cute, cozy gray sweater! As a teacher, I know firsthand that our patience runs out sometimes too :)


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