Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Doctor, doctor, give me the news

Man, I really need to get back to taking my pictures at home again you guys.  I am failing at this photography thing lately!  This is an outfit from last week and I tried several different spots in my office and it just wasn't working great!  Sigh.  Also, I'll try to get back into the habit of jewelry close ups again, had some requests for that yesterday.  Again, this outfit is from last week though, so what you get is what you get for today!

Anyway, I pre-planned this post, I have a routine OB appt today that is at a later time than I usually take. Because the practice I go to has several OB's on staff, they encourage you to at least meet everyone once because any one of them could be the one that's there for you on the big day.  So while I have a doctor I like there quite a bit, it was time to start spreading it out a bit and meeting others as well.  There is one doc I really do not want at all, he put the fear of God into us months ago at our first appointment when he couldn't find the heartbeat and while I appreciated him being proactive about it, the alarmist approach was not appreciated.  So I'm really hoping he won't be the one on call that day!!

Shirt - Oh Mamma, thrifted
Pants - Liz Lange, consignment
Necklace - DIY by me

Overall the staff at my clinic is really great, I can't stress how important it is to be comfortable with where you're going when you're pregnant - in order for me to do that, I actually chose a practice that isn't the health practice I work for.  I just figured it would be awkward and uncomfortable to be having those kinds of exams by people I talk to on the phone for facility type issues!  So while I think it's good to support your own business, it's also important to protect your own privacy too!


  1. That is kind of nerve wracking that you don't know which doctor you'll have for your delivery! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will NOT be the one you didn't like!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. You're right, it's so important to be comfortable with and trust your health care providers! Cute look from last week, the earrings look fun!

  3. Not knowing the doctor to delivery your baby could be a little awkward. I think that's a good idea they suggest getting to know the doctors in your practice.

    This outfit is really cute. I love the pattern on your shirt. My photographers are so busy right now, I may just have to resort to the self timer these days.

  4. Your top rocks. I'm glad to see you looking so good.

  5. Oh I also hope that he isn't the doctor you get on D day, but if you do I'm sure everything will go great anyway :) I had a hell of a time finding a great doctor in France, but I really lucked out and found someone who is perfect for me. And I've had some scares, so I really appreciate how he handled everything :)

  6. Definitely a good approach re: doctors. It must be baby season because I became a great-aunt today! My nephew's girlfriend had a little boy this morning. So wishing you lots of luck when your little one makes an arrival!

  7. It's really a crap shoot up here with the way our hospitals work, I do believe. Not looking forward to it. I hope that you end up having a reassuring experience with that doctor, so you can go into delivery without any worries about who might be hanging out, errr, down there.

  8. oh my...doctors should really not be alarmist at all!!! we had different doctors for each kid because they were both such different circumstances...but we saw the same doc for every appointment. luckily the delivery doctors (ok, nurses really were the ones who did all the work) were great!


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