Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pinned it and Did it - Baby shower style

Hey everyone!  So I had some requests for pictures from my baby shower - we didn't get a lot, but I have some of my outfit because I was purposely saving it for today's "Pinned it and Did It" with Heather from Style Journey.  I pinned this outfit a little while back because I recently purchased a very similar sweater dress from a consignment shop.

My outfit is a little different toned, instead of brown, I paired mine with purple leggings and a gray scarf.  It was kind of chilly on Sunday, so it was kind of needed!  The next time I wear this I want to try it with some brown.

I was warm and cozy and had a lot of compliments!  And best of all - this was a very comfy outfit too!  I was also color coordinated with the decorations - totally not on purpose!

Sweater - Motherhood, consignment
Leggings - Simply Vera, Kohls
Scarf - World Market
Boots - Target

My outfit photos were courtesy of the Pants Monkey and in the last one above here he was doing something to make me laugh or talk or something. Gotta love him.

Here are a few photos from the actual shower courtesy of my aunt.  My mom has 12 brothers and sisters, so her family is quite large!  This is only a small representation.

This picture makes me laugh because I'm sitting between two aunts who both happened to be named Pat.  I joked that I was a "Patty sandwich."

I still have two more showers coming later on, so hopefully I'll have other pictures to share at some point! Our little man sure will be spoiled!

Head on over to Heather's blog and see other Pinspired outfits!


  1. You nailed it! Sweater tunics and leggings are sooo comfy. Love the reference to the "patty sandwich"

  2. you look so cute with that flower in your hair!!! i'm glad the shower was a success!

  3. Very cute outfit! I'm glad you had fun at your shower - I'm looking forward to your shower at the end of the month!

  4. Love your interpretation of the outfit - so cute.

  5. The dress and leggings is such a cute and comfy outfit! I'm glad you had fun at the shower!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I love Showers! The best part is when everyone "ooohs and awhs" over the cute items/gifts as they are being discovered/opened! This ensemble is so cute on you! I love your laughs and smiles in your pics too.

  7. You look just so great! I'm glad you had a good shower!

  8. You look fantastic!! :-) I think a cute belt above your belly would have also set this outfit off REALLY well.

  9. You look great!! Love this outfit. If I were pregnant, I'd probably have to live in looks like this. :)

    Jess - J's Style

  10. I LOVE the sweater dress! I am so glad that you had fun, it sounds like it was awesome :D Thanks for sharing the pics!

    Yes we have Caribou Coffee here, but they are closing down & changing over to "Pete's" (I think) coffee. Sadness.

  11. love the color of the sweater. You look darling! =)

  12. I love that smiley picture of you! And your outfit is really pretty :)

  13. I love that sweater tunic and sounds like you had lots of fun!


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