Wednesday, October 9, 2013

For the love of Orange

So due to technical difficulties with my lousy camera, this is the only picture I got of my outfit today.  Sad panda.  Oh well. I wanted to share it because I learned that today is "Wear orange for bully awareness" and while I didn't originally choose this outfit for that reason, it's definitely a cause I can get on board with.

Shirt - Zulily
Dress as skirt - Merona, Target
Necklace - S&D
Shoes - Xhilaration, from Lori

I'm actually reading a fascinating YA book right now about the topic of bullying - it's called Eleanor and Park and it's very good and thought provoking.  I became interested in it when I learned that a school district in our county chose it as the summer read for teens,  but then parents got a hold of it and demanded it be banned because of language used in the book. The controversy went so far that a talk to be held with the author at one of our county libraries was actually cancelled.  I think it's a shame - it's a very good book so far even though I am only about halfway through it.  I think it's an important read and yes, there is some tough language, but it fits with the tone of the book.  I'll have more thoughts on this when I finish it I think.

And the other thing about orange?  I am still crazy in love with Orange is the New Black and we only have a few episodes left.  I am going to be in withdrawal when we finish that show!!  Have any of you watched it?


  1. The anti-bully day here in Canada is in February - and we wear pink!

    Love your orange, though. Sad that censorship is still around!

  2. I love this look! Your "hippie skirts" are so cute! I hate it when books are banned, it is ALWAYS for a stupid reason. The Catcher in the Rye was banned in schools because of language, and then everyone just went and bought copies because they wanted to know what was so bad.

  3. i totally forgot to remind my kids to wear orange to school today. i hope they aren't standing out like sore thumbs!!

  4. I didn't know Eleanor and Park is about bullying! It's on my library holds list. You always gotta be suspicious of people who talk about banning books... I think it's banned books month or something, I was at the library yesterday and saw a display (that I didn't read- oops!)

  5. I can't watch tense shows, they give me nightmares. doh, huh? I love The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, in that order. It used to be the other way around. oh oh.

    Great on you for supporting the book of those that need to be more sensitive, I'd say. Cute ensemble and sorry camera is being difficult!

  6. You look lovely Beth...I love orange:)

  7. I didn't realize it was anti-bullying day but I don't think I own a single orange piece of clothing! That seems kinda ridiculous that the parents were getting all upset over the language in the book. I doubt it's something the kids haven't already been exposed to!

    The Tiny Heart


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