Monday, October 14, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Progress

Hey friends!  Happy Monday!  Did you all have a good weekend?  We got a lot done at our house, the baby's room is coming along nicely - we even got the crib set up!  No decorations yet, but we'll get there! And well the rest of the house looks like the spare bedroom threw up all over it, but we have some organized chaos and plans on where we'll be storing a lot of items now.  One step at a time right?

So it's Inspiration Monday and for whatever reason I couldn't get the photo from two birds to load and save on my computer at all, so I don't have the model picture - it's Julianne Hough and well, my outfit is a "if you blink" inspired look anyway.  Check out two birds and you'll see what I mean.  Oh well, I'm pregnant darn it and that's just going to be my excuse today.  I must say, I do like Julianne Hough even if I only just got into Dancing with the Stars this year and she isn't on it anymore.  

Shirt - Ann Taylor, from cousin
Blazer - F21
Pants - Motherhood, consignment
Necklace - Camy Couture

So anyway, I thought I'd share a little bit of what we've got so far for the baby's room - like I said, we still need to decorate, put stuff away more neatly, etc, but you'll get the general idea!

We still have a couple more showers, so I'm hoping to get some of the decor stuff we want and can work on it after that.  But hey, at the very least, yay we have a crib!


  1. Cute outfit today! The baby's room is coming along that's for sure! Yay for getting the crib set up.

  2. Getting the crib set up is half the battle right? I can totally relate to how things can "throw up" into the rest of your house when re-doing a room. My whole house looks like it's been thrown up on because I have been slowly working on my fall cleaning, ha ha!

    This blazer is perfection! I really like the preppy vibe you have going on today.

  3. Yay for having the crib set up! I can't wait to see the completed nursery :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Great, adaptation of the Julianne Hough inspiration. Great! Yes, Aren't you due like on Dec 4-5th? My 1dd is due on Nov 4th. I love little new babies. So happy for you! Your crib is a nice masculine style for baby boy.

  5. I LOVE that blazer, very cute! Your hair looks all sleek today too! Aww! The baby's room looks sweet so far!

  6. The crib looks great! Good job! I like your necklace, too. Can we please have close-up next time?

  7. i love the dresser for the baby's room!! and your cute blazer has a harry potter feel to it (in a good way)!

  8. Love that blazer Beth! Great progress in the nursery also:)

  9. Definitely one step at a time, beth! But looks like you did get a lot of done! :) I love the color and shape of the crib!:)

  10. YAY! Nursery pics !I love seeing into people's lives!

  11. What a pretty nursery. And I envy you -- pregnancy is the best excuse EVER. :)


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