Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some things I love

You know what I love?  Maternity clothes that don't feel that much like maternity clothes.  I had completely forgotten about this hooded sweater I bought from Old Navy during a sale in maybe August?  I found it in my closet this week and decided, this would be really cute with leggings and boots.  And this is an outfit I'd wear even if I wasn't pregnant!  Say what you want about Old Navy - but I have to say, lately they've kind of been on a roll with cute stuff and the maternity stuff I've bought from them has been rather nice.  I may be holding onto this sweater for postpartum for a bit too!

The other thing I love?  Getting a decent full night's sleep!  Hallelujah I woke up feeling like the birds were singing all around me.  I didn't get up once to to go to the bathroom, I didn't wake up with intense hip or leg pain.  I just flat out slept ALL NIGHT LONG.  It was such a gift.  I just want to take advantage of as many good nights of sleep as I can get before this little guy gets here and lately, that's been a challenge.  So I'm a happy camper today.  It's the little things sometimes!

Sweater - Old Navy Maternity
Leggings - Steve Madden via DSW
Boots - Target, old
Necklace - gift from friend 

I also love how spiky my hair turned out today.  I love that the week is almost over.  I just love everything today!  What do you love today?


  1. I am glad to hear you are having a great day! I love days like that :) This is a great look and I would definitely wear it pregnant or not too!

  2. Oh Bethie! Congrats on the solid night's sleepy. You look so comfortable and rested in this outfit! (hug)

  3. Glad to hear that you were able to get a good, full night of sleep! You look super cute in this outfit - very comfy!

  4. That Tunic Sweater is so cute. I love that mushroom color. I am glad you are feeling well too. I haven't seen you by Elegance & Mommyhood in a long while. Hope you stop by soon.

    Happy Thursday, Ada. =)

  5. Great sweater! I really love how it emphasises your natural waist :)

  6. Hooray for a good night's sleep! You look great in this outfit! It's simple but chic. If you're still shopping for clothes, consider buying maternity clothes that you can nurse in, too. I wish someone had told me that!

  7. AWWW! I am loving this! I totally want one! lol. I love how happy you are in this post, it makes me smile! :D I hope you get more awesome sleep!

  8. I love your spikey hair too!

    Today I love that I could finish work early, that I met some really interesting people at my work event today by happenstance, (and because I like to natter to people) and that I already had a dinner ready tonight (leftovers!) xx

  9. Now I don't have little feet jabbing into my bladder, or joints that have decided to shift and move, but I can certainly appreciate a full night of sleep after not having so many of those! Woohoo! Sweet dreams tonight!

  10. yay!!!! you look so cute and cozy today. and i love your spiky hair, too!

  11. What an adorable sweater tunic! Old Navy has really stepped up their game lately. I go in the store and I want to buy everything in there, haha.

    The Tiny Heart


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