Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue hues

Today was one of those fun days where the camera died before I could totally finish taking my blog pictures! I still managed to get two of them though!  I don't know that this t-shirt has actually been on the blog yet even though I've been wearing it all summer.  Best maternity t-shirt ever.  I got it early on at Old Navy and it's been a favorite ever since.

T-shirt - Old Navy Maternity
Sweater - Motherhood Maternity, consignment
Skirt - Hang Ten, from friend
Shoes - Xhiliaration from Lori
Necklace - swap w/CC 

I really like the overall feel of this outfit, it's comfy, it accentuates the bump in the right way and it feels kind of summery.  It's kind of our last hurrah of summer outside today, so I figured might as well dress the part!  And it's Wednesday and it's my crazy day, so that's about all I have to say!  Hey, that rhymed!


  1. It does look like a very comfy outfit which is of utmost importance!!! I kinda think it also is a great transitional outfit especially with that cute cardigan!

  2. Your outfit looks so cute (and comfy!) Hope your day isn't too crazy or busy!

  3. Comfy is definitely key during pregnancy. The cardigan is really cute too. Hope your day doesn't end up too crazy!

  4. This is a really cute outfit - you are such a fashionable pregnant lady!

  5. You look cute! I always found belting over the bump most flattering.

  6. Oh I love this! That sweater looks really nice with that shirt! Very cute! Yeah it is 80 today here! I guess you are right, last hurrah?

  7. Cute and comfy is the way to go! We're also having a summer revival and I'm thinking this may be the last time I'll be able to wear my summer clothes till next year.

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  8. don't say last hurrah!! we are (rebeliously) camping this weekend. wish us luck!

  9. I can't believe you guys are having summer weather still. We are cold again today. 55°. I want the 70s back. (not the decade, the temps). Very cute outfit! My 1dd finds out today if she will have her baby sooner than Nov 4th. I am quite certain she will. He was at 35 weeks when they were seen 4 weeks ago, on her 32 week. Ya, do THAT math! hahahahaha

  10. My camera does that to me too!! lovely outfit:)

  11. Gorgeous pleated cardi, and it goes so well with the stripes!

    My camera is a pain, and will also die midway photos, with no indication of battery draining... Xx

  12. Heh, loved your comment about Wednesdays being crazy. It put "Manic Monday" in my head. We call them "wicked Wednesday" at work. It's the day we allow ourselves to not do any favours, just so we can make it through!!


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