Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Braun Thermometer Review

I was chosen for another Influenster VoxBox and I wanted to share about it here.  This time I got the Braun VoxBox which included a Braun Forehead Thermometer.  I was pretty excited about it, we wanted the forehead thermometer when we were expecting Oliver but ended up receiving an ear style thermometer instead.  I thought I'd share some pictures here of how easy it is to use with my thoughts - and also share a dorky little video demonstration Nate helped me make!  I have to also state that Influenster gave me this item for my testing and review.  Thank you Influenster!

So, the thermometer is pretty small in size actually - which I think is great, you could easily put it in a diaper bag or something if you were on the go.

It's super easy to use. Turn on the power button.  It will beep once and then the display lights up with a green light, three blank lines and the F for Fahrenheit.

To take a temperature reading, you push the little gray button that has a picture of a thermometer on it and then hold it up to your child's (or even your own) forehead.  You can be up to two inches away and get a read, but the closer you can get to the forehead the better.  It will give you a reading very quickly, within seconds. 

As you can see, I do not have a temperature, so the light is green and you can clearly read the result (I often run low).  If you had a fever, the light would be yellow in addition to telling you what the reading is.  If you are not getting an accurate read the light is red and says "error" so you just need to clear it and try again.  We've found the error message comes up if you get hair in your way.

Another nice feature is you can turn the sound off on the side so it will not beep - this would be a good thing to consider if you wanted to check your child's temperature without waking them up. 

So overall, it's so easy and I like this so much better than the ear style thermometer!  I certainly do not wish any illness on my household this winter, but it's good piece of mind to know we're ready just in case!

And as I mentioned above, Nate helped me make a demo video too - I'll share it below here, it's not great, Oliver was kind of squirmy, but you can see it in action at any rate!

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