Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend snapshots

Happy Monday! Well, ok, really, can Monday be truly happy? I try to keep a positive attitude, but I tell you, it's cloudy and dull outside and I've been a little clumsy so far today, and my to do list for my Oktoberfest next weekend is getting bigger and bigger so it's a bit of a challenge today.  I'm just going to keep drinking my coffee and instead of looking ahead too much and panicking will instead reflect on a nice weekend spent with my boys.

Friday evening we spent quietly at home, went for a walk before Ollie went to bed, then made some chili cheese dogs and watched a movie called God's Pocket, which was just ok in my opinion.

Saturday we got up and headed out into one of the chilliest mornings so far for a round of disc golf.  We made sure Ollie was bundled up nice and warm - even Nate and I ended up wearing gloves!  It was one of the best rounds I think I've played so far though, I'm starting to get a little better at my throwing skills! We headed home and attempted to put Ollie down for a nap, but he resisted a bit.  So, instead we cleaned up a bit and went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants - Brasa in NE Minneapolis.  Oliver had a great time, we ended up sharing almost all of what we had with him and he ate it all.  He loved it.  By the time we were heading home he was finally tired enough that he pretty much passed out and took a long early afternoon nap.

I was supposed to sing at a wedding, so I headed over to the church only to find out they double booked singers and because the mother of the bride contacted the other singer, they would not be needing me.  Sad panda.  So I ended up with a little down time instead before Oliver woke up from his nap.  After he woke up, we met up with some friends that we haven't had the chance to hang out with in awhile at a new to use brewery in St. Paul, Tin Whiskers.  We shared a beer flight, had a chance to catch up with our friends and Oliver finally met his new buddy, baby Alexander, in person.  Sadly though, Oliver was not happy to just sit still for terribly long so we headed for home by about 6:00 so we could get him ready for bed.  Nate and I just had some leftovers for dinner and watched a much better movie called Are We Here?

Sunday we all slept in and then Nate made us some delicious breakfast at home that we enjoyed while Ollie had a morning nap.  After he woke up, Nate and my dad started working on an area in our backyard where we've had trouble with water coming in the house while my mom and I took Ollie to Once Upon a Child for a little bit.  We came back and she helped me go through Ollie's dresser real quick to pull out the items that he's outgrown or are not really for the season any longer.  Then she left and I put him down for an afternoon nap and then I baked cookies for Nate and my dad and my "brother" Dave who had also come to help as a form of payment for their work.  Dad and Dave left and Nate and I chatted a bit about what we need to do for Oktoberfest and were just getting ready to go to the park with Oliver when Nate's parents called and invited us out to dinner.  We're not ones to turn down free food so we met up with them and Nate's sister and went to Red Robin.  Ollie did really well there too, he had fun sitting in his high chair at the table with us and Nate offered him scraps of various things on his plate.  After dinner we headed home and put him to bed, though he was so excited from his adventures it took him a bit to calm down for the evening.

So, it was a pretty decent weekend overall.  I didn't take a lot of pictures this weekend as you'll notice - sometimes I think it's good to live in the moment and just be, so it was nice to step away from my phone/camera a little bit and just be present.  I'm working on that balance, I want to make sure I capture moments I don't want to forget with Ollie, but again, I want to be sure I'm in the moment as much as possible too.

Looking ahead it will be a crazy week, but we'll just take it as it comes! 
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