Monday, October 20, 2014

Inspiration Monday - Oktoberfest Afterglow

Happy Monday!  Whew what a weekend we just had!  Another successful Oktoberfest celebration in the books.  It was a wonderful day on Saturday with family and friends in our home enjoying homebrew.  The weather was fantastic.  I couldn't have asked for more!

I was excited when I saw the two birds Inspiration Monday picture for today early last week as I was planning on wearing a similar sweater to my party, so now I have an excuse to share my Oktoberfest outfit here today!  Here is Alessandra Ambrosio in a fabulous aztec sweater.

And here is my take on it!  I found this awesome sweater at the thrift store a few weeks ago now and had been looking for a good excuse to wear it - I finally found one I guess!  I was so cozy, especially while saddling up to the bonfire we had after the sun went down!

Sweater - Old Navy (thrifted), Cami - Gap
Jeans - Old Navy, Boots - Target
Necklace - Stella and Dot 

Oliver did pretty well for his first Oktoberfest celebration too.  He hung in for the first couple of hours but then got pretty tired out so we sent him home with Nate's parents so he could sleep in a quieter house for awhile!  We went back and got him after everything wrapped up as it wasn't too terribly late of a night.  

It was a good time, nice to see people we haven't seen much in a while and we love sharing our love of homebrew with others.  The clear winner was our apfelvien - which is almost more of a hard cider/wine than it is beer, but that seems to be the favorite every year!  My personal favorite I think is our current raspberry porter, it's a nice roasty beer with raspberry flavor and it's so tasty!  I'm glad we were able to pull off having our annual event after taking last year off.  I missed it last year and I'm pretty impressed we could make this happen even with an active 10 month old at home!  The best part - our house is now the cleanest it's been since before Oliver was born!  I am hoping we'll keep that trend up, but who am I kidding?  

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