Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday - TV

So my work computer contracted Ebola yesterday which totally blows.  I'm still going to be dealing with the aftermath of that today.  So I'm kind of phoning it in with my post today and just doing a five things on Friday type post.  Today I will give you my five favorite TV shows of the moment.

Masters of Sex - It's not as dirty as it sounds if you haven't heard of it before.  It's currently just finished it's second season on Showtime.  We're a little behind, we are halfway through season one.  It's very similar to Mad Men but instead of an ad agency it takes place in an OB/GYN setting.  Dr. Masters is a doctor who is known for his work in treating infertility.  He becomes fascinated with human sexual behavior and starts a study to learn more about the science of it.  There is much more to the story besides that though, he and his wife are trying to conceive but cannot because of fertility issues.  He starts to fall in love with his secretary turned research assistant.  She has her own issues in life to deal with.  Overall it's a really entertaining show and I love the time period it's set in!

Manhattan - This is a show that is a fictionalized version of the Manhattan Project.  Again, this is a time period that is always been interesting to me.  This show has been really interesting so far, they are keeping things pretty historically accurate while developing the characters involved.

The Lottery - I'm a sucker for dystopian type stories.  This is another one of those futuristic type shows that reminds me a little of the movie Children of Men.  The premise is in the 2020's the world encounters a fertility crisis, no one is able to get pregnant any longer, and the human race as we know it is threatened to become extinct.  A group of scientists are able to fertilize an embryo and it's determined they can fertilize 100 embryos.  The US Government decides to hold a lottery to choose 100 women to carry the embryos.  Of course it isn't all tied up in a pretty little bow, there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.  Lots of intrigue.  It's interesting so far.

Parenthood - I have only seen the first episode of this final season and it's going to be an emotional roller coaster this year - but when is this show NOT an emotional roller coaster?  It's such a heartwarming show and over the years I've really grown attached to this family - it will be sad when we say goodbye to them for good!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - We've been fans of this show for years.  We just found out the entire series is on Amazon streaming so we started it from the beginning again.  It's crude, rude and well, we find it hilarious.  We need some fluff after all of these serious shows every night so, we watch at least one of these before we go to bed!

So there you go!  We also love The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Parks and Recreation.  We have other shows we love that don't come back until later in the winter like Shameless.  And of course I've professed my love for Orange is the New Black a ton on here before too!  What are your favorites?  Any good new shows this fall we should be checking out?

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