Monday, October 27, 2014

Inspiration Monday - Sort of edgy

Hello everyone and happy Monday!  I've decided no matter what, this week is going to be tons better than last week.  We're all getting healthy at our house and back to normal and it's a fresh start.  And it's Halloween week!  How can that not be a good week?  I know last year I said I was the Halloween Grinch, but I'm pretty excited about it this year.  Anyway, I decided a way to kick off a great new week would be taking part in this week's Inspiration Monday with two birds.  Here we have an edgy look from Paula Patton.

My look isn't quite as edgy as hers, but it was a nice outfit for a Sunday afternoon at any rate!  I didn't do much more with this besides go to the thrift store to look for Halloween costumes, but hey, I want to look good when I go to the thrifts - don't you?

Jacket - Mossimo (Target), Flannel - Ruff Hewn (thrifted)
Jeans - Old Navy, Purse - Coach (Poshmark)
Shoes - from friend 

We had a great weekend.  My meetup on Friday evening with Ally was absolutely delightful, we had a great dinner and conversation and my only regret was needing to cut things short to get Oliver to bed and head off to practice with my music group.  Saturday we let Nate sleep in since he was the last one to go down with the ship on getting this awful headcold.  After he got up though he was willing to go out for some lunch and pick up a birthday gift for his mom, so we enjoyed an outing to do all of that.  Saturday afternoon after Ollie's nap we went and had a family picture done at our church for the church directory and of course we ended up liking the portraits enough that we bought some.  I'm still planning to do some outdoor pictures for Ollie's first birthday though in the next month or so with the fabulous Erin of Babes in Thriftland so I'm hoping this nice weather lasts just a little longer!

Saturday evening we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday with dinner, cake and games.  Sunday we got up and attempted disc golf though it was a bit chilly and we got a later start so Ollie was a little less patient than he usually is, so we only played about half the course and then brought him home for a nap.  Nate made us delicious biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  After Oliver's nap I brought him on adventure with me to the thrift store to get the rest of what we needed for our Halloween costumes - yeah I know, way to be last minute right?  During Oliver's afternoon nap, Nate also made one of the pieces for his costume too and I have to say, he's going to be pretty dang cute.

We capped off a beautiful day with a walk in our favorite park and Oliver got to swing in the swing so that made him super excited.  He went to bed and we had some of our favorite barbecue take out for dinner.  Overall it was a great and very much needed weekend!  How was your weekend?

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