Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The less fun milestones

I could also title this post, Bethie and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  So yesterday morning I had an appointment for something that could have been hugely life changing (nope, not preggers, don't want to be preggers, so let's just drop those ideas) and well, it went terribly.  It could not have been worse.  My head was just not in the game.  See, poor Oliver was not feeling so great and we had been up a few times the night before.  

So, I drove home with my tail between my legs after the disastrous meeting and then arranged to be home the rest of the day with my poor guy.  He was running a mild fever and I just didn't want to be away from him.  My mom went home after watching him while I was at the meeting and I made us some lunch. After a little while I put him down for a nap but he just didn't really want to sleep.  So, I got him up and we snuggled on the couch and watched a little Finding Nemo for a bit.  I could tell he wanted to get down and play, but just didn't have the energy. He kept fading as the day went on.  I tried to get him to take another nap and he did, but still wasn't sleeping soundly.  When he woke up around 4:00 from that nap I discovered his temperature had spiked up to 104.  It's never been that high before.  Insert panic here.

I called Nate who was on his way back from a client and he and I agreed I'd call my uncle's clinic and ask about the fever and if there was anything else we should do.  My uncle wasn't available to see him but another doctor was and they recommended we come in just to make sure there wasn't any infection or anything else going on.  So we fought rush hour traffic and saw the very sweet Dr. K, she was very helpful and quickly put us at ease.  No ear infection, no sinus infection, no respiratory issues, just a run of the mill virus and the fever was his body's way of trying to fight it off.  She told us to make sure to give him Advil (lasts longer than Tylenol and we discovered it was more effective on the fever) and that it should run it's course in a few days.  

It was nice to have the peace of mind.  We got him home and settled for bed and the fever was already on it's way down.  He slept much better last night and when he woke up today he was much more normal, back to smiling and his temp is much closer to normal than not.  So, we survived our first bad fever.  It's scary when you don't know what's going on and they can't talk to you to tell you what hurts or how they feel.  Yet, while it's a milestone I wasn't looking forward to, it's also one I'm glad we got out of the way - you can't keep your kids in a bubble and eventually germs are going to make their way through.  It's good that we have experienced it now and know what to do when it happens again, because I'm sure heading into winter here it won't be the last time.

The best part, if there was one, was definitely the snuggles.  He's less cuddly now that he's so active all the time, so while I hated that he didn't feel so great, I definitely ate up all the cuddle time we had yesterday!  But I'll gladly forgo that now that he's getting back to his normal self, I'd also much rather have my healthy baby!

As for the other not so pleasant part of my day from the morning, well, it was a situation that just wasn't meant to be.  A blip in my world and we move on from here.  I'm looking forward to drinks and a little shopping with a few of my favorite blog friends tonight and I think that is just what this  mama needs for a little pick me up!
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