Friday, October 3, 2014

Oliver - Ten Months

Well then. My baby is ten months old. TEN MONTHS? We are now using TWO digits to say how old he is?  Seriously.  How are we two months away from his first birthday?  I'd better get into planning mode a bit on that birthday party!  Anyway, even though it seems like time is just going too fast and needs to slow down, I am absolutely loving this age - I seem to say that every month, but for real, he is SO much fun right now.  The developments he's made this month are unreal.  Let's take a look shall we?  (And man is it more evident than ever that mama needs a new iPhone ASAP.  These pictures get worse and worse all the time.)

Weight - At his appointment on September 8th he was just around 21 lbs.  I think he hasn't gained much since then so I will say he's between 21 and 22 lbs.

Height - I think he's still around 28 inches though he feels like he may have gotten just a hair longer.

Nicknames - Bud, Buddy, Ollie Boy, Wiggle Worm, Smiles, Little Guy, Little Man, Monkey

Sleep - We've made big strides here, he is sleeping almost 8 hours without needing a feed.  He went through a nap regression for about a week and those were some rough days, but he's seeming to be back on track there.  He consistently goes down for the night around 6:45, has a dream feed when I go to bed at 10 (we'll phase that out eventually but it really helps I think) and now he doesn't wake up overnight until somewhere between 3:30 and 5:00.  And he still goes back down for another couple of hours after that feed, so while some mornings it means I'm waking up with only an hour until my alarm goes off, I think we're on the right track towards sleeping through the night.  And he is so happy when he is up for the day!

Eating - He is now up to three solid food meals a day.  In addition to his veggies we've added fruits, oatmeal, yogurt and meats.  Oh does this boy love meats!  He is a carnivore, that is for sure!  The only things he turns his nose up at seems to be in the cucumber family, he isn't crazy about cucumber, eggplant or melons.  Otherwise he'll wolf down anything you put in front of him.  He still loves his mommy milk too and he has fun using a sippy cup to get water.

Diapers - We're still in size 4, thank goodness.  I don't see this changing anytime soon.  We do vary the type of diaper he wears depending on what is going on.  He wears Pampers Cruisers when he is awake and then a Swaddler or Baby Dry for naps and bedtime.

Clothes - He is starting to wear more size 18 month items and we have bought a few things that go up to 24 month size as we're anticipating his growth into the winter.  Some 12 month still fit too, it honestly depends on the brand!  I had gotten away from using the footie sleepers as much but then when it got cold decided to pull them out again and he still loves them.

Mood - Happy.  So happy.  He only gets cranky if his mouth is sore (we have seven teeth now, seems like a new one comes in every so many days!), he is overtired, bored or frustrated.  Kind of like any average baby really!  And as I said last month, he is SO busy.  Moving all the time, exploring.  He is all boy.  But so happy.  There is a reason his daddy calls him "Smiles."

Loves - Mommy, daddy, his grandparents, the kitties, puppies, watching the cars go by outside, crawling around, pulling up on stuff, playing with things that aren't really toys like his wipes container, music, the Itsy Bitsy Spider song, his stuffed elephant, being outside, eating his meats and other foods.

Dislikes - Diaper changes that take too long, not being able to go outside (oh winter will be fun), when he can't figure out how to do something, having things that aren't toys taken away from him, cucumber, melon, eggplant, and when the food in his bowl is all gone.

Milestones/What I want to remember - Well let me tell you, this has been a busy month.  Crawling.  Pulling to stand.  Walking along the furniture.  Starting to say words that make sense like "Mama" and "Dada".  As I said above, seven teeth.  We visited the apple orchard this month, took him out disc golfing with us a bunch, went for many walks on beautiful fall days.  It's been so fun watching him try new foods.  Soaking up as much of the baby time as we can, as he is becoming closer to a toddler every single day.

Dear Oliver,
It took you so long to figure it out but now you can crawl and move around and as I predicted, there is just no stopping you now!  The world is now your oyster and you are discovering new things every day.  You melt my heart with your toothy grins and nothing makes me happier than when you say "mama".  You made your daddy's day when you looked at him and said "dada" and smiled.  We can tell you seem to like being with us and that's good, cause we like being with you too.  I can't wait for all the fun adventures we'll have in October, you get to go to a wedding, you'll get to meet lots of mommy and daddy's friends at their annual Oktoberfest and we'll be celebrating your first Halloween.  I hope you love all of it, I just can't wait to share it with you.  I love you to to moon and back little man.

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