Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Bluum Box

I forgot to blog about Oliver's September Bluum box, but I know we enjoyed and used pretty much all of the items we received last month!  I am back with a review of our newest Bluum box though, It's a pretty good one this month, so here's a little review of his ten month box.

We got two bath toys this month.  One of them is an adorable floating duck that also tests the temperature for you.  We already had a duckie like that, but this one is too cute because he's floating in a little inner tube. Ollie loves to grab his duckies and chew on them when we're giving him a bath, so the more duckies the merrier!  We also got these fun duck themed stacking cups.  They're pretty neat, not only can you stack them, but they also connect together at their wings (kind of like the pop beads we had when we were kids, anyone remember those?) He likes to take them and bang them together and make noise while splashing around.  It's also nice having these toys in the bathroom, sometimes he's content to sit on the floor with them while one of us is getting ready at the sink.

The next item is this adorable Caterpillar toy from Melissa and Doug.  I keep calling it a worm, but I guess it's a caterpillar.  It's neat, it's made of wood and it bends and flexes and is very easy for Oliver to grab and of course he loves to chew on it.

I love that they included a book this month.  This book, What Can I See, is pretty cute.  Each page is a baby looking at different things.  Even though it's a girl on the cover, there are boys and girls in the book.  Very cute little story and I love that it's a board book.  Board books seem to be Oliver's favorite right now, he likes to grab them and help us turn the pages.

Finally we have some food items.  We got another jar of baby food from Beech Nut which made me super excited, we're big fans of Beech Nut fruit.  We do make most of Ollie's food from scratch, but for breakfast we've been mixing these Beech Nut jars with either oatmeal or yogurt.  The awesome thing about Beech Nut is that it's natural ingredients and there is no added anything.  This particular jar is Apple and Arona Berry - and that's all that's in there.  Nothing else.  We also received a squeeze pouch from Ella's Kitchen - another good natural food brand for baby.  This one is Pear, Mango and Papaya.  We ended up bringing this to the wedding on Saturday to have an easy option to feed Ollie and he loved it.  He even figured out on his own he could squeeze the pouch and suck on it to get the food out!  While we don't want to give him this kind of thing all the time it's nice to have for a grab and go situation!  And then the last item was for mom - Snapea Crips.  They are baked green pea crisps and are supposed to be a healthy alternative to potato chips.  I was a little skeptical but gave them a try and they're actually pretty good!  They're light and crispy and make a pretty tasty little snack!

So overall I feel that Bluum did pretty well this month.  I said before I felt our earlier boxes were not great, but they've been pretty spot on since around July I think.  I'm paid up for another several months here so I look forward to seeing what items they send us especially as Oliver is closer to one year old.  
Any of you mamas out there try Bluum before?  Or any other boxes?  Please share your favorites!
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